Community Tent 2021 round up

We are delighted to have re-opened the Community Tent this year, after it was put on hold due to the pandemic. It’s part of the wonderful Herne Hill Sunday market. Our stall is located right outside the main entrance of the train station. We’ve been running the tent once or twice a month to get things started.

You can come to chat to us about any of our projects and anything related to Herne Hill. We’d love to have more people involved in local projects so do come and say hi if you are visiting the market. We have children’s colouring and craft activities to keep the little ones entertained.

We offer a space at the tent to local charities and community groups who would like to share information with local people, campaign, look for volunteers etc. This year, we’ve shared the tent with the following groups:

King’s Hospital Volunteers

HARMONY & Singing Mamas Choir

Herne Hill Music Festival

Dulwich and West Norwood Climate Coalition

Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees

Get Rid of and Donate

Link Age Southwark

Lambeth Carers Card

Brockwell Swimmers

Kids Kreate

Friends of Ruskin Park

Live Kindly Live Loudly

And our own active travel initiative Chariots of Fun