Over the years, the Forum has undertaken, coordinated and facilitated dozens of projects to benefit the community. Our efforts have been recognised nationally with the award of grants from

  • DCLG (now Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government)
  • Mary Portas High Street Renewal Scheme
  • Mayor of London’s Good Growth Fund
  • Aviva Community Fund

Projects are now the core of the Forum’s work. Identifying common objectives, providing the means by which the community can become involved and then piloting them to completion is the means by which neighbourhoods become communities and our environment is improved. There is nothing like a shared endeavour to create bridges between different parts of the community and the personal connections made along the way endure well beyond the project’s completion.

To achieve all this, the Forum employs a project manager, volunteer coordinator and administrator to guide its work. The vast majority of our project-hours are contributed by volunteers and the Forum itself is governed by a member-appointed committee led by four officers.

You can explore some of our projects below.