Herne Hill mural under the bridge

The Sum of all Projects

We are a group of locals seeking to improve our neighbourhood through community-building projects.

The Forum was established in 1999. Located on the boundary between Southwark and Lambeth, Herne Hill was peripheral to both. At best an ‘undiscovered gem’, at worse ‘that junction between Brixton and Dulwich’, Herne Hill lacked both a centre and a sense of identity.

The Forum’s first success came with the facilitation of efforts to create Station Square and the introduction of the Sunday Market. Funding was then secured for large murals and lamppost banners to give the neighbourhood a stronger sense of community and cohesion.

Projects are the core of the Forum’s work. Identifying common objectives, providing the means by which the community can become involved and then piloting them to completion is the means by which neighbourhoods become communities and our environment is improved. There is nothing like a shared endeavour to create bridges between different parts of the community and the personal connections made along the way endure well beyond the project’s completion.

To achieve this, the Forum obtains funding from a wide range of grant awarding bodies and employs a project manager, volunteer coordinator and administrator to guide its work. The vast majority of our project-hours are contributed by volunteers and the Forum itself is administered by a member-appointed committee led by four officers.

Who we are

We are a mixed group of people of all ages and backgrounds, brought together by our love of Herne Hill. We welcome new members so if you’re interested, find out who’s on the current Committee.