Who we are

The Herne Hill Forum is made up of Members and Committee Members. Members are able to vote at public meetings and receive our newsletters. Whereas the Committee is the Forum’s decision making body and meets regularly to receive project updates and approve new initiatives.

Committee Members should expect to spend about four hours a month attending meetings and reading emails and Committee papers.

Each Forum project has a Committee Sponsor who acts as liaison between the Project Team and the rest of the Committee. This role requires a commitment of six to eight hours per month.

The Forum’s Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) bear additional responsibility for the Forum’s external relations and regulatory compliance. Incumbents should expect to dedicate about four hours per week to the cause.

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Committee Members

Mary Burguieres - Herne Hill Forum SE24
Mary Burguieres (Chair)

Mary has lived in Herne Hill, Southwark since 2001. She joined the Herne Hill Neighbourhood Plan Working Group in February 2015, and the Herne Hill Forum Committee in January 2016. Mary is interested in helping to foster an inclusive community through the Forum’s activities and engagement, particularly ones in which children and young people are able to thrive. She is also a committee member of the Friends of the Charter School.

Giles Gibson (Co Vice Chair)

Giles is a long standing resident of Herne Hill, and has been involved with the Herne Hill Forum for many years.

George Hornby (Co Vice Chair)

George has lived on the Southwark side of Herne Hill since 2011. He became secretary to the Forum in 2017 and has a background in law, finance and business. As a wheelchair user, he is a fan of smooth, clear pavements and gentle ramps.

James Leabeater (Treasurer)

James lives in Herne Hill with his wife and two young sons. He is in awe of what the forum and other similar groups have achieved so far. He would like to work with others to improve public transport and provision for cycling and pedestrians; to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; to improve the streetscape and our wonderful green spaces; to help local businesses and generally to help Herne Hill to become an even better place to live.

Laura Assersohn
Laura Assersohn

Laura has lived in Herne Hill for ten years with her partner and three teenage daughters although she moved to the area when she was a young girl; her mother lives locally. She is really interested in supporting local businesses and improving Herne Hill’s amenities. She is very excited to have the opportunity to support the Forum in its objectives.

Jim Davidson - Herne Hill Forum, SE24
Jim Davidson

Jim went to Rosendale Infants & Juniors and opened Brockwell Art Services in 1979. He worked on the Herne Hill Project Board to deliver Station Square and wants to see family run businesses continue to employ local people in a spirit of communal endeavour.

Sian Dragonetti

Sian first moved to Herne Hill (Lambeth) in 2011, and, following a 4-year stint living in southern California, returned home in 2015. She joined the Herne Hill Forum in summer 2016 because she loves the area and wants to contribute to the community. She was involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Maude Estwick, member of the Herne Hill Forum
Maude Estwick

Maude has been a resident of Herne Hill, Lambeth, since 1979 and has been part of the Herne Hill Forum committee since its inception. She was active in the regeneration of the Milkwood Community Park and is interested in the development of local green spaces.

Carolina Fox - Herne Hill Forum
Carolina Fox

Carolina moved from Mexico to Herne Hill in 2013. She joined the HHF in October 2014 with the aim of giving something back to the community who had received her and her family with open arms. Carolina is always looking at ways to help make projects become reality. She is very enthusiastic about everything to do with culture and children. She has made SE London her forever home after establishing her business in the area.

John Frankland

John joined Herne Hill Forum in 2006 and is involved with community safety, having co-founded the Herne Hill Safer Neighbourhood Panel. He is also a member of the neighbouring ColdHarbour and Camberwell panels and is co-ordinating the Community Roadwatch in Herne Hill Ward.

Robert Holden - Herne Hill Forum
Robert Holden

Robert has lived in Herne Hill since 1944, and in the same house since 1948. He is a life member of the Herne Hill Society and of the Friends of Brockwell Park. He was present at the foundation of the Herne Hill Forum, and has attended meetings ever since. At a Forum meeting in 2002, he wrote the resolution that initiated the review of the road junction at Herne Hill. He maintains the two council noticeboards in Herne Hill. He delivers illustrated lectures on the village, the buildings and the people of Herne Hill, and his enthusiasm for Herne Hill is undimmed by time.

Peter Hore

Peter has lived in the Herne Hill area since 1971. He has worked as a teacher and secondary school Head, as well as stints of military service, at the London Stock Exchange and in local and national politics. He has an academic background in Geography and a particular interest in environmental issues. He thinks Herne Hill is a great place to live. It’s diverse, has excellent transport facilities and wonderful local shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants. The area has a real sense of community in which Herne Hill Forum has played a major part. He is married with two children and four grandchildren.

Photo of Clive Rates
Clive Rates

Clive has lived in the area since 2005, and has been active in the community since helping found the Dulwich Village residents association in 2019, and the Dulwich Alliance in 2020.  He stood for election for the Conservative Party for Dulwich Village Ward in 2022.  He is passionate about transport issues, especially retaining and improving bus provision.  In his spare time he runs, cycles and plays the banjo, though not at the same time.

Deborah Roslund, committee member of the Herne Hill Forum
Deborah Roslund

Deborah has lived in Herne Hill since 1993 and has seen many changes for the good since, when it was then called the ‘North Dulwich’ triangle! Both her children were educated at Dulwich College and Alleyns and during this time she was involved in organising many social events for the ‘Friends of Dulwich College’…..…raising funds for many small local charities. She loves anything involving local culture and children’s activities and more. And she enjoys the challenge of finding ways of making a special project succeed!

Hazel Watson

Hazel has been a Herne Hill resident (Lambeth) for over 50 years. She is particularly interested in the development of parks and community areas for the residents.

Forum Contractors

Placeholder image for Herne Hill Forum committee members
Eva Burguieres

Eva now runs the Community Stall in Herne Hill market, having been one of our paid young people on the stall for several years.

Jasia Warren - Herne Hill Forum
Jasia Warren

Jasia started work as the Forum Project Manager in January 2019, having spent a large part of the previous twenty years in front of a computer making websites. She enjoys working with local communities to deliver fun projects that bring people together.