Chariots of Fun – Free Kids Bike Trailer Hire Scheme

Chariots of Fun - free kids bike trailer scheme

Looking for an easy, healthy and greener way to do the school run? Or maybe a fun family day out?

Do you live in or around Herne Hill?
Do you have children under 6?

Try a kids bike trailer for one month, completely FREE.

The Herne Hill Forum is excited to be working alongside Peddle My Wheels to give families in Herne Hill a chance to try their very own Chariot of Fun!

  • Get a kids bike trailer delivered to your door and collected at the end of the month
  • Introductory training session by a qualified cycle instructor to help get you started
  • Lights, lock and helmets provided
  • No obligation to buy or subscribe

All we ask in return is some feedback once you’re done!

To make a booking enquiry, email with your name and a contact number.


What are kids bike trailers?

Child bike trailers are trailers that attach to most adult bikes – we like to call them Chariots of Fun! Each trailer has room for up to 2 children, up to about the age of 6. The trailers can be detached and folded flat for storage.

Don’t have a bike to attach to the trailer? Take a look at the range of bikes that Peddle My Wheels has on offer. They have a range of new and nearly-new bikes which you can hire for a monthly fee. If cost is a barrier please speak to us.

Why hire a kids bike trailer?

There are lots of great reasons to hire a kids bike trailer. Here are just a few… 

  • A school run of just 2 miles in the car costs you £700 each year in petrol. Just think what you could do with that money instead!
  • It’s better for little lungs! Air pollution levels can be 9-12 times higher inside a car than outside.
  • It’s often quicker to get around by bike than by car, especially during the school run.
  • It’s good exercise for you too! A 20-minute bike ride can use the same amount of calories as a cappuccino, a bar of chocolate or a 175ml glass of wine.

Can I hire the bike trailer?

All families living in SE24 and SE21 can hire the bike trailer. This project is particularly aimed at those who live or work in Herne Hill or who go to school in this area.

Each family can only use this free hire scheme only once so that as many families as possible can have a go. If you love it you can always consider buying one for yourself, or hiring it on a monthly basis for a small fee (currently £15/month).

What age is the trailer suitable for?

The trailer is suitable for children from the time they can sit unsupported until they reach a combined weight of around 100 lbs, or a height of around 42 inches. Children are typically able to ride in the trailer until the age of 6 or 7.

Is it safe?

 Once you have ordered your Chariot of Fun it will be delivered to your door by a qualified cycling instructor who can give you a cycle training session to help get you started. It’s easier than it looks!

You have a whole month to try your trailer, so plenty of time to get used to riding it at your own pace. We suggest you try out riding with your trailer at the weekend and take it to one of Herne Hill’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods or another traffic-free route.

All the trailers come with Reflectors, a Five Point Harness, Safety Flag and Quick Release Obstacle deflectors.

Bike Helmets for your little passengers are also included if you request them.

What if my trailer is damaged or stolen?

You are responsible for looking after your bike trailer, and you will be liable for the trailer if it is damaged or stolen.

Peddle My Wheels has some tips on how to keep your bike and trailer secure.

Peddle My Wheels has teamed up with LAKA, a community cycling insurance scheme. We recommend you get insurance for your trailer if you’re not already covered.

How does the hire scheme work?

Drop us an email at with your name and a contact number. Someone will get back to you shortly to take some details and make your booking.

Once your booking has been confirmed, a qualified cycling instructor will deliver the trailer to your door. He or she will give you an introductory session to help you get started, including tips on cycling safety, storage and bike care.

At the end of the month, someone will come to collect your trailer.

There is no obligation for you to buy the trailer, but if you love it you can buy it from Peddle My Wheels. For each trailer that is bought, we are able to provide another family with a month’s trailer hire.

Funding for this scheme has been provided by Transport for London in partnership with the London Marathon Charitable Trust as part of the Walking and Cycling Grant Programme.

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