Community Tent

Members of the Herne Hill Forum by the community tent in Station Square
Herne Hill Forum community tent at the market in Railton Rd
Heavy rain at the Herne Hill Forum community tent at the market in Station Square
The Community Tent at Herne Hill Market in Station Square, Railton Road
Young people help run the Herne Hill community tent at the market
Community Tent run by the Herne Hill Forum at the Sunday market in Railton Rd

Herne Hill Forum have been operating a community tent at the weekly Sunday market in Railton Road since 2017. The stall is located right outside Herne Hill Station, so is in the perfect location to benefit from passing footfall from the station or market.

What we do

The Community Tent is free and available to local groups of all kinds – sports clubs and organisations, charities, social groups and campaigning groups. It’s a great way to meet the local community in Herne Hill, whether you are recruiting new members, promoting an event or launching a campaign. The only restriction is that groups must not be representing any political party and must not be selling anything (including food) for profit.

Occasionally charities may be permitted to sell items for fundraising, by special arrangement, and local businesses have made use of the space to promote themselves – but for the most part, the stall is used by non-profit organisations. It’s also been useful for public consultations about local issues, so although we don’t allow political parties on the tent, it can be used for local government to communicate with the public.

We also employ local young people to help on the tent. They are great at engaging children in craft projects whilst the parents find out more about local issues and it gives them useful skills that can help with employment. We are always on the look-out for youth workers to help on the stall so get in touch if you are interested:

We receive funding to run the tent every other week and also to hold monthly meetings with traders and residents from the Railton Rd area. These were set up initially as a way for people to communicate about the market. Various issues are raised and answers sought.

Over the past few years, we have welcomed a wide range of groups to the tent, including:

We welcome enquiries from new groups who are interested in booking a slot or being added to the waiting list. We are keen to represent as diverse a picture of the SE24 community as possible, so applications from BAME and youth organisations will be particularly welcomed.

Please email for more information or to make a booking enquiry.


  • Date of completion2017 - ongoing
  • Budget£12,500
  • Funding SourceCCFM (the market operator) & Lambeth
  • ParticipantsCCFM, local organisations
  • Project TeamAlison Gibbs, Mary Burguieres, Kit, Eva & other youth workers