Substation Artwork


Work is underway to install an electricity substation at 315 Railton Rd. This will help to bring much-needed power to the empty shops so they can be let out. The Arch Company are asking you the local community to decide what goes on the front of the sub station shutters. They have enlisted the help of local artist Mr Dane and he now needs your help.

Introducing the art...

Mr Dane says:

I researched and gathered some stories and iconic references from consultations and conversations with Herne Hill locals.

These artworks are my response to those that either caught my attention, made me smile, or inspired visual ideas. These include some historical references, recent news stories and iconic places in the area.

The most popular artwork will be selected and painted on to the shutters of the substation. The title will then be sign painted on to the frontage like a shop sign i.e. fancier than the mock-ups shown here.

Which one do you want to see in Station Square? Click the image to view a larger version. Use the form to vote.

Remember Me

Brockwell Lido is a well-loved Herne Hill landmark. The pool is used by a wide range of people of all ages and is popular all year round. Goggles are important swimming gear, they allow excellent underwater vision and protect our eyes from chlorinated water.

But how many of us has found we forgot our goggles?

Either we left them at home or reached home to realise we forgot them at the pool. Forgetfulness is perhaps a part of being human. This image is a nod to all swimmers at the famous lido and a little nudge to “remember me”.

The River

In the consultation process a number of animals were mentioned. One of these was the magnificent heron frequenting Brockwell Park ponds and the surrounding area. I had also requested locals to put forward their Herne Hill icons for inclusion. An unusual street icon mentioned were the ornate green Victorian “stink pipes”. These can be found along Dulwich Road and all across London. In Victorian times these pipes channelled odorous gasses from the sewers and rivers underground allowing the wiff to waft.

The often forgotten river Effra runs underground directly under the Herne Hill station and down towards Brixton Water Lane.

This image portrays the heron, the stink pipe and the river Effra bringing the three together.

Lost & Found

In the consultation process some recent local stories came to light,

A local Herne Hill cat ‘Zenza’ frequently goes on unscheduled trips away from home. Often being found in towns on the south coast of England like Hastings and Deal.

A buzzard was recently found on Shakespeare Road, after being attacked by crows it had suffered a bad neck injury. Local residents rescued her naming her ‘Wilhelmina’ (after Shakespeare) took her to a wild bird sanctuary where after a month of recovery she was released back into the wild.

Using a backdrop of the infamous Herne Hill Velodrome track

I imagined these two creatures meeting to discuss their mis-adventures of being Lost & Found.

Voting has now closed! We'll announce the final design on 21 June.