Reimagining Herne Hill Junction

Since the regeneration of the underpass in 2019, Herne Hill Junction has become the most complained about aspect of our neighbourhood. Illegal levels of pollution, congestion, pavement cycling and dangers for pedestrians and cyclists are the main concerns.

Two years ago we wrote to our local councillors and MP to highlight community concerns about Herne Hill Junction. All acknowledged the issues raised. But, maybe because we sit on the boundary between Southwark and Lambeth, or perhaps because the current road scheme is particularly complex, the fact is that neither Lambeth, Southwark nor TfL had a solution.

So we collated all the ideas, comments and issues that have been raised over the years in numerous public meetings, drop-in sessions and community engagements and fed them in to a firm of urban regeneration specialists. They have proposed two viable ‘visions’ for the Junction.

The key aims are –

  • promote footfall for local businesses
  • reduce pollution
  • connect existing and proposed active travel routes

The visions will be used as a starting point for a ‘bottom up’ community discussion about how locals view the junction and what their ambitions are. Hopefully, a consensus can be reached and then the boroughs and TfL can implement it in the knowledge that it has widespread community support. They are not fully worked up plans. They are not funded. They are a starting point.

We will start the consultation in the summer due to a number of considerations –

  • the Croxted Road problems should take priority
  • covid worries make many reluctant to attend public meetings
  • we didn’t want Herne Hill Junction to become a political football in the local election campaigns

The consultant’s report and a short CGI animation are available to view. Please remember that these visions are just a basis from which the community can start to reimagine the Junction, discuss the merits and come up with improvements for the broader urban realm. We look forward to seeing you later in the year.

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