Fire Safety in Herne Hill

London Fire Brigade

Sadly there was a fire in Herne Hill last month and a person was found in the living room and pronounced dead at the scene. In response to this the Fire Brigade have been in touch with some important information.

Firstly if anyone has been affected by the fire on Railton Road or needs support then you can contact Ruth Walshe the Senior Community Engagement Officer. Her email address is and she can assist with any enquiries, provide information and advice, and direct people to relevant individuals or services if needed.

The cause of the fire is under investigation with information appearing on their website. When an investigation is completed the report can be requested from LFB, but only by individuals and organisations directly impacted by an incident. More information about that process is available here.

More generally, the Fire Brigade recommend that residents complete their Home Fire Safety Checker. This is an online tool that allows you to carry out a thorough check of the fire safety in your home, and it provides specific advice related to your answers. In addition, the checker is connected to a triaging service, which based on your risk level (assessed by your answers to the checker) you are able to schedule a Home Fire Safety Visit. This home visit is when crews attend your home to speak to you about fire safety, assess any risks in the home, and check your smoke alarms (and install new ones if needed). 

For any other safety advice, there are a number of resources available online. In addition, residents are welcome to knock on the door of their local fire station if they wish to speak to a firefighter – as long as the crew is not attending an incident/other business, they are more than happy to speak to the local community about whatever it is they are concerned about!