Computers for Schools

Herne Hill Forum and Charter School Computers for Schools pilot project

** UPDATE 2022 ** Please note: this project has now closed. Donate your devices to Community Tech Aid via The Parlour cafe on Norwood Rd.

The Herne Hill Forum are launching a pilot project in collaboration with the Charter School, North Dulwich.

Without a decent computer, many local kids have found home-schooling difficult. More than a few have relied on a parent’s smartphone and had to share it with siblings. What was a disadvantage before has become a real barrier to their education.

We’re asking YOU, the generous people of Herne Hill and environs to donate your old (or new!) WORKING laptops with power lead to enable remote learning for local disadvantaged school students. We are accepting:

  • laptops only (no desktop machines)
  • laptops must have the power lead still
  • no broken screens please!
  • Mac or PC

All laptops will be wiped and refurbished professionally by Restore Technology using Government-approved data erasure software blancco: The school will then decide who to give the laptops to.

** UPDATE March 2020 ** We have changed our IT partners and PC laptops will now be professionally wiped by using Active@Killdisk software. Any Macs will be collected and delivered to Lambeth Tech Aid who have their own data wiping policy.

Don’t forget to back up any data before you donate it as we will be wiping everything from the laptop. We also ask that you remove any decorative stickers that you’ve used to jazz up your kit!

Kindly drop off donations at:

The Charter School North Dulwich, Red Post Hill SE24
Weekdays 9am – 3pm


Perks and White coffee shop, inside Herne Hill station
7 days a week

This is a local pilot project. If successful, we hope to partner with other schools and Forums in Lambeth and Southwark. If you’d like to get involved,  please contact



Only laptops? What about other devices?

We are starting with laptops as they are the most useful for schoolwork. Other digital inclusion groups (like Lambeth Tech Aid) accept a wider range of kit for community distribution.

Is my computer too old or damaged?

Age (in principle) is no bar to functionality. Damage, may be. No cracked screens please and please remove any decorative stickers that you may have added. Any computers beyond use will be recycled or disposed of responsibly and not go to landfill.

Do you need passwords?

Restore can reset and wipe devices even if passwords have been lost or forgotten.

Do I need to reset or wipe the device myself?

You can if you like, but Restore will conduct a full wipe and reset of all the devices anyway, using Government Certified data erasure with Blancco. If you’d prefer the peace of mind of personally wiping your device before donation, Which? have a guide for Windows computers and Chromebooks and Apple have a guide for Macs. Don’t forget to backup any data before donating it as we cannot retrieve data for you.

Who decides which kids get the computers?

The teachers. They best know their students’ needs.

I can’t find the power lead. What then?

Please have a good look for the power lead but if you can’t find it, it’s not the end of the world. We can source these separately and supply together with the reset device to the school.