Committee Members

The rainbow crossing in Herne Hill - photo by Matt Brown on Flickr

(Updated: 18th May 2023)

There have been a few changes with Committee Members recently. Giles Gibson has taken up the role of Vice-Chair alongside George Hornby. Longstanding member Beth Taylor has stepped down after 13 years on the Committee. She was involved with various HHF projects – starting with the Herne Hill map in the tunnel, and most notably as project lead on History Hear. Her husband David has also stepped down as they are leaving the area. David has been our go-to expert for anything to do with planning and you may also have seen him on the Community Stall. Thank you Beth and David for all your hard work! And we have a few new members on the committee: Clive Rates, Irene Kimm, Laura Assersohn and Nigel Thorpe. We look forward to working together.

If you’d like to join the committee, please do get in touch.


Photo: Matt brown on Flickr