Bath Factory Estate Lit Up

At the end of November the Herne Hill Forum and Makerspace met on a sunny morning to renovate the string of lights at the entrance to the Bath Factory Estate on Norwood Road. These had fallen into disrepair over the years and the nylon lanterns had shredded. With the kind loan of a scaffolding tower from Broken Blinds, Dermot from nearby South London Makerspace was able to remove the old lanterns and replace the white bulbs with cheery coloured ones. He also found the short circuit and we will be enlisting a qualified electrician to replace the socket in due course.

Local businesses will be asked to contribute towards the electricity running costs of the 36 low-energy bulbs every year. We hope this initiative will mark the beginning of improvements on Norwood Road and the Bath Factory Estate in 2022.

This project was self-funded by the Herne Hill Forum.