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Herne Hill Market is turning 2, so we're having a Commemorative Cakey Competition to celebrate its birthday!  The competition will be judged at 1.30pm on Sunday 28th September at the Herne Hill Market in Station Square, with winners being announced at 3pm.  


There are three categories, open to Under 10s, 11-16s, and grownups:

  • Whackiest Cake
  • Prettiest Cake
  • Most Yocal Cake

Judges and prizes will be provided by a posse of Herne Hill's finest bakers, including the Brixton Cake Shop, Blackbird Bakery, Crunch, Kindred Bakery, Ye Olde Bakery & many more! All prizes will be suitably cakey and delicious in theme...


For more information and to enter contact


Good luck and happy baking!

Date Posted: 30 Sep 2014 - 19:22
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HHMF made its 2014 foldout flyer available over the past two weekends at Market Bandstand events - but have you had one yet? If you haven't it could be delivery still hasn't come to your street. In fact, they're looking for a little delivery help if you have time to spare over the next week or so. The Festival begins on October 10th. The Festival team set itself the large task of letterboxing 40,000 flyers this year - and there are another 7,000 or so to go. So if you think you can help with a few rounds, please email:   Much appreciated!


Date Posted: 20 Sep 2014 - 02:44
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Our thanks to Brixton Buzz for helping cooperative council processes by informing everyone of Lambeth Councils proposals for the Bonfire Night this year in Brockwell Park.


Lambeth Council have decided to charge for entry to the event. In order to ensure that non-payers cannot get a view of how our council tax is being invested they are relocating the display to the far side of the park in the dip between Brockwell Hall and Brockwell Park Gardens/Cressingham Gardens.


Brixton Buzz had the map of the layout of the event on their blog for download. Unfortunately the organising company was not keen to get the information out as to how they plan to layout the park and sent a legal letter to ensure that the download was removed.


More information about the budgets for the event are still available here.


If you live in Herne Hill Ward you may wish to comment to your local councillors on this new approach:


Jack Holborn,  Michelle AgdomarJim Dickson


Giles Gibson

Chair: Herne Hill Forum



Date Posted: 17 Sep 2014 - 18:13
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