Flood update

Shops affected by the flood and their likely re-opening dates:


Artimidorus: Open now

Bon Velo: Open now

Tales on Moon Lane: Open now

The Illusioneer: Open Now

Just Williams: Open Now

Kindred Bakery: Open now.

Duo Dance: Open now.

Fringe Hairdressers: Open now.

Mary Russell: Open Now

RJ Electrical: Open now

Oxfam Bookshop: Open Now

Oxfam shop: Open now

Burnett Ware and Graves: Open now (refurb still happening).

Number 22: Dec/Jan

Mimosa: Now open 

Fourways Pharmacy: Open now

Brockwell Pharmacy: Open now

Londis supermarket: Open now

Half Moon Pub: est June 2014

Pizza Express: Open now

Merry-Go-Round - open soon

Cafe Provencal: Est March 2014

Saz Restaurant: Now Open


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Community Workshop Space Opens in Herne Hill


On Wednesday 16th April 2014 South London Makerspace will be opening for its first public Open Evening. South London Makerspace (SLMS) is a not for profit, social community workshop, where people can come and share tools and knowledge.


The makerspace concept is a popular and widespread one. All around the world, people who share a passion for making, repairing and sharing have come together to run spaces and workshops. The largest such organisation in Europe is London Hackspace in Hackney, whose 900 members have access to a large and well equipped workshop over two floors. However, it is not conveniently located for those of us who live South of the River. From this motivation, SLMS was born.



“I’d been a London Hackspace member for a while, actually, but never managed to make time to go to the space. It was just too much hassle to travel to the other side of the city,” says Tom Lynch, Trustee and founding member. “When we saw that New York has eight popular makerspaces and London only has one, we knew that we’d be able to find support in South London for a second.”


Starting off in late 2013 as a group of around 10 people who scrounged studio space where they could find it, SLMS is now a registered company with more than 40 paying members. Together, they’ve transformed a vacant shop unit in Herne Hill into a multi-purpose workshop and meeting space. All paying members have access to all the tools in the space, and pool their resources to purchase and maintain those tools.


The space is located at 27-29 Norwood Road, Herne Hill, SE24 9AA where “The Good Companion” cafe used to be; indeed the old signage is still above the shop windows. “We hope to get that changed soon!” says Tom Newsom, second of three Trustees. “Our members have all sorts of ideas for improving the space and its decoration.”


Inside, the central column has been painted bright red, and the space is divided into “dirty” and “clean” sides. An impressive array of tools is lined up on workbenches and tables, while plenty of natural light comes in through the big windows that look out over Brockwell Park.


“I commute in to work on the train from Surbiton, so couldn’t justify going far out of my way for these sorts of facilities,” says Matthew Copperwaite, another Trustee and founder of SLMS. “But with this location, I can leave work in the evening, jump on a bus and spend as long as I like working on my projects. It’s perfect.”


The space is available to members at any time, but once a week, the space is open to the public for an Open Evening. If you’re at all interested in what the members are working on, or if you want to become a member yourself, these are the best times to come.



The first such Open Evening is being held on Wednesday 16th April, from 7.30pm until late. Everyone is welcome including accompanied children. If you repair or make things with wood, fabric, metal, paint, computer code, plastic, electronics or anything else at all, then why not go and meet some like-minded people and see what you could make, given the space and the tools?


The Trustees of SLMS are confident that they’ll be signing up lots of new members this Wednesday.


“We hope to create a creative, family-friendly and close-knit community of designers, engineers and hobbyists and we are very excited to be able to open this space to the people of South London.”



EMAIL: trustees@southlondonmakerspace.org

WEB: southlondonmakerspace.org

TWITTER: @LDN_Makerspace

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/southlondonmakerspace


27-29 Norwood Road

Herne Hill


SE24 9AA

Date Posted: 16 Apr 2014 - 17:43
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The Information Project Presents

A Series of Debates: What is Culture in the 21st Century?


With proposals to redevelop Crystal Palace park, a group of local residents have started The Information Project to publicise the possibilities for the park and to help create a critical, intellectual debate about the identity of community, place, culture and design for the twenty-first century.


The group is organising a programme of debates featuring high profile architects, developers, planners, politicians and London based broadcasters, thinkers and writers. There are also plans to include local residents in a visioning exercise.


Noreen Meehan, chair of the arts festival, Crystal Palace Overground Festival, and one of the project organisers said “Crystal Palace is an extraordinary place to live, with myriad aspects to its cultural heritage. The park has been the scene for many of these activities. The debates and events we are organising will draw thinkers and experts into a conversation about what the future should be for this enigmatic and beloved space and what culture actually means during our lifetime.” Local architects Dagmar and Christopher Binsted are co-curators of the debates.


Debate 1: Who owns culture? Park, space, building


30 April at 7:30pm, Salvation Army Worship Hall, Westow Street, Upper Norwood



Cany Ash, founding partner of multi-award-winning architects, Ash Sakula



Douglas Murphy – architect and writer, his blog covers architecture, music politics and philosophy and he is the architecture correspondent for Icon Magazine


Val Shawcross, London Assembly member for Southwark and Lambeth


Tom Brown, an author, his novel Strange Air is a chilling Victorian fairytale set in Crystal Palace park


Gus Zogolovitch, managing director, Solidspace – an established design-led developer


Media enquiries

For media enquiries, interviews and pic requests please call Noreen Meehan on 07725 057453 at anytime or email the team at info@crystalpalacefestival.org



Date Posted: 15 Apr 2014 - 22:21
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Invitation to……………..


Free Outdoor Screening 

A Short Documentary Film

Herne Hill Piano

Fri 2nd May 8pm

Station Square

Herne Hill

Made by local film makers.


Followed by Buster Keaton it will be a lovely evening!

Date Posted: 15 Apr 2014 - 20:50
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