Flood update

Shops affected by the flood and their likely re-opening dates:


All flood affected shops have re-opened except for:


Number 22: Sept 2014

Half Moon Pub: est June 2015


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Come and join a local shared reading group to help you relax, improve your well-being and make new friends! The group is run by The Reader Organisation, a national charity and social enterprise, who work to connect people to great literature and to each other. 


You don’t have to read anything in advance as everything is read aloud to you each week. You can simply enjoy listening to a good story or poem- there’s no pressure to talk, to read, or even to drink tea! 


Additionally, The Reader Organisaition are currently working in partnership with Goldmsiths University, and as a member of this reading group you will be involved in some exciting research investigating how reading together may influence peoples’ health and sense of well-being. 


Everyone in Herne Hill is welcome! Interested? 

Come along to our taster session on Friday 25th July at 10.15-11.45am at Carnegie Library. We will also be holding another  taster session on the 22nd August.


For more information, please get in touch

email: h.baker@gold.ac.uk or call: 020 7078 5484 


Date Posted: 22 Jul 2014 - 11:31
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Pop-up pollinator-friendly plantersPEOPLE passing by the Herne Hill gate to Brockwell Park may have noticed a new feature on the traffic island.


Volunteers from Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses have injected some colour into the space with a collection of planters designed like rays of the sun.

The flowers have been chosen for their spectacular colours and forms as part of our theme for the year – pollination.


Next week our #PollinationFestival starts – a 10 day series of workshops and lectures for adults and children. We are hosting top UK experts on hoverflies, moths, bees of all sorts, flies and butterflies to help us identify these amazing creatures and understand their life cycles.

The UK is home to 23 species of bumblebee, 260 solitary bees, 2500 moths, 59 species of butterfly, 200 hoverflies and 7000 flies. The charity Buglife estimates 60% of them, many stunningly beautiful and a joy to behold, are in decline.


Urban gardeners can have a massive impact on pollinator health. The plants being grown at the Community Greenhouses for the Chelsea Fringe and for other displays in Brockwell Park will have a vast range of flower shapes and colours suited to different invertebrates' eyes and mouthparts.


They'll provide a long season of flowering, and therefore sustained pollen and nectar supply, into late autumn. And they'll look extremely eye-catching for humans too.

Date Posted: 17 Jul 2014 - 10:14
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It's LIVE!


Take a look at the video trailer here! 




Herne Hill film makers Maureen and Tom are planning a new longer documentary about street pianos - starring our very own Herne Hill piano. 


They managed to make the short film with zero budget - but this time they need a basic budget to cover a full length documentary. 


'We've been inspired to make the longer film because so many people are interested in street pianos - they seem to have a powerful effect,' says Maureen. 'What has happened around the Herne Hill piano is quite exceptional and we feel like we've only scratched the surface - there's a lot more to say.'


Please pledge if you can - anything from £1 upwards - everything helps! And if you can't, please share the campaign through twitter and facebook.






Date Posted: 15 Jul 2014 - 12:35
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